Sports Medicine

Have you had to slow down your daily cross-training because of a pulled muscle? Are you a college-level or professional athlete trying to manage a recurring injury? Dr. Robert Jones specializes in sports medicine in Fresno, CA. Visit the Fresno Spine & Sport for comprehensive and holistic chiropractic treatment tailored to your needs.

What Areas Do Sports Injuries Affect?

When Dr. Jones sees patients with sports-related injuries, he sees issues with their knees, neck, back, and shoulders, as well as foot pain. The pain may come from the muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, or bones, but the most common injuries in this field are sprains and strains. Regardless of the expertise or training level of the athlete or other highly active person, there is always a chance of injuries happening to the musculoskeletal system. 

Common disorders may include tennis elbow, as that part of the body is in constant motion on the court. Runners often suffer issues with their Achilles tendon or knees. Due to impacts in certain sports like football, dislocated bones or joints also occur frequently. When athletes are healing from related surgeries or injuries, they may still need help to reduce swelling and the effects of inflammation. Due to the breakdown of cartilage that happens in the joints, arthritis may also develop as athletes age. When you see Dr. Jones for any of these problems, he will always create a customized approach to your situation.

What Is the Active Release Technique?

ART or Active Release Technique involves a provider using their hands to ease up soft tissue problems, release nerves, improve blood circulation, and help your lymphatic system drain better. Your chiropractor specializing in sports medicine in Fresno, CA, can use this technique to find the underlying problem of your pain and allow restricted soft tissues to ease up. Once the soft tissues, such as ligaments or muscles, relax, Dr. Jones can also handle nerve or spinal issues that may be affected by tightened muscles. As a result, this approach helps provide holistic comprehensive pain relief simultaneously to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and bones.

Dr. Jones at the Fresno Spine & Sport is here to help you with sports injuries. Thanks to his expertise in sports medicine, Fresno, CA, residents can heal from lingering injuries and improve their swing, running, or hitting capacity. Call 559-440-1811 for an appointment today.

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